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King's Kids Children and King's Kids Youth at their latest activites

Prison Ministry Update - Prison Ministry
Much happened during the prison visits in December and January - here is an update from Anis and Nawal
Dance Performance at Jerusalem Assembly - Kings Kids
On 05.01.2016, King's Kids Israel performed a number of dances at the Jerusalem Assembly. View the pictures here.
Christmas Prison Visits 2015 - Prison Ministry
During the Christmas Season, a team of HOL volunteers visits around 21 prisons in Israel to meet, talk and pray with convicts of christian backgrounds, to sing songs and distribute little Christmas presents.
Dance Performances in Nazareth Village - Kings Kids
On 21st and 22nd of December 2015, King's Kids performed a number of special dances during the Nazareth Village's Christmas celebrations. View the picture gallery here!
University of Biblical Occupations - Textile manufacturing - Kings Kids
The second trade that the King's Kids Children studied in their University of Biblical Occupations was textile manufacturing - together with a practical lesson in sewing.

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