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"You are the light of the world."

  Young and old King's Kids at their latest activites

  House of Light and Prison Ministry news

University of Biblical Occupations - Bakery - Kings Kids
The first trade in the focus of the King’s Kids University of Biblical Occupations is baking. So next to their time of worship and bible study, the King’s Kids children today learnt about the art of making bread.
University of Biblical Occupations - Invitation - Kings Kids
In October 2015, the King’s Kids Children group started a new program called the King’s Kids University of Biblical Occupations. During the next few months they will be exploring the different trades described in the Bible and through them learn scriptures and stories from the time of Jesus and the Old Testament.
Prison Ministry - Prison Ministry
Going up to the Northern side of Sea of Galilee, one can pass by two very large areas, beautifully designed & built. Very clean and attractive sites. There’s a chance of thinking: “It’s a very nice holiday village that lies at the foot of a beautiful mountain, so near to the lake and to Mount Arable, we might check possibility of staying there for our next conference.
King's Kids Summer Outreach - Kings Kids
We went in an outreach to Romania with the King's Kids Israel team, including Arab & Messianic Jew youth and families
NIKO-Challenge Update - Kings Kids

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